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Concierge Program

Sign up today to get access to exclusive offers and benefits through the WMU Alumni Association Concierge Card program. From home and auto insurance, to travel programs, and goods and services, the Concierge Card offers Broncos anywhere the opportunity to get a little discount.

Sign up for your card today! To request your card, please call the Alumni Association Concierge at (269) 387-8746 or visit the Concierge registration page.


BECOME A wmu alumni association CONCIERGE PARTNER

The Alumni Association Concierge Card offers nationwide benefits and services for alumni and friends of Western Michigan University. With over 250,000 Bronco alumni, the Concierge Card offers a great platform for Bronco fans and friends to promote their businesses and services, while offering discounts and benefits to fellow Bronco supporters.

Please note that all benefits and discounts are subject to administrative approval.