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Alumni Spotlight: Matt Amante, B.A.’04, Art Education

Learn about Matt Amante, B.A.’04, Art Education, and how his unsure start in community college lead to an art degree from WMU and becoming an instructor and maker focusing on large scale outdoor art exhibits. I was born in Muskegon Michigan, and later moved to Holland and completed High School

Alumni Spotlight: Melanie Hight – Don’t Give Up!

Melanie Hight (B.S. Aviation Flight Science) was in the middle of her flight training at WMU when unexpected circumstances threatened to stall her progress—permanently. Fortunately, she didn’t have to, because the answer came in the form of scholarships. “I was told that there would be essentially no way for me

Generous Donors Make it Possible for Students to See the World

Studying abroad can be an eye-opening experience that helps students gain a broader perspective on our country, the world, and their field of study. And it can also be extremely expensive! Fortunately for our Broncos, scholarships funded by generous donors are available to help put these life changing experiences within

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