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Alumni Spotlight: Giving the Gift of Reading

“I must thank WMU for not only giving me a wonderful undergraduate experience, but the chance to study abroad and discover what I love doing. If I hadn't been encouraged to study abroad, I would not be doing now what I love in the Peace Corps.” Mari Katherine Grover (B.S.’18,

Elevating the Military and Veteran Experience at WMU

“We’re in the mindset of the military, that structure,” Ross said. “We get thrown back into the real world—college is crazy enough as it is, and then we have many benefits to consider—having these systems in place makes the transition a million times easier. It softens the burden and shows

Why Give: Future Musician Gets Boost from Donor Support

“I was amazed by their generosity,” Pablo said. “I am thankful for those people because they genuinely wanted to help me.” Pablo Valladares Abad’s love for music began when he was just four-years-old. It’s not surprising, seeing as though both of his parents are musicians. Pablo decided he’d follow in

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