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Why Give: Future Musician Gets Boost from Donor Support

“I was amazed by their generosity,” Pablo said. “I am thankful for those people because they genuinely wanted to help me.” Pablo Valladares Abad’s love for music began when he was just four-years-old. It’s not surprising, seeing as though both of his parents are musicians. Pablo decided he’d follow in

Why Give: Paper Engineering Student Wants to Give Back

“Thank you so much for investing in my future so I can do the same one day for other students,” Burk said. “People with great minds can now achieve their goals.” Julia Burk knew she wanted to be a Bronco as soon as she toured the engineering campus and saw

Alumni Spotlight: From Waldo Library to the Library of Congress

“From managing the production of billion-dollar budgets to assisting visitors to Capitol Hill, my WMU public administration degrees have provided a solid foundation for a lifetime of public service.” Mark Schermerhorn (B.S.’74; M.P.A.’77) knew early on that he wanted to work in the public sector, and after enjoying a long

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