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In the Community: Alternative Bronco Breaks

“ On all of my trips I walked away knowing that I helped organizations in ways that would assist them in creating the change they are working hard to manifest; whether that be spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS, supporting the LGBTQ community, or stopping animal cruelty,” said Emily Fisher ( B.A.’19,

Giving Back: Barb DeMoor

“I like to say I was born with three gifts: a good brain, a kind heart, and good parents. And then God said, ‘that’s it, go figure out what you can do with it because you’re not getting anything else.” Since graduating from WMU in 1978, Barb DeMoor (B.A. Religion)

The Story of Heritage Hall

Western Michigan University’s location did not happen by accident; it was the community’s vision for and commitment to education that brought the school to Kalamazoo. The University’s original building—a highly visible landmark atop Prospect Hill—was erected to represent the integral ties between a proud community and its new school. From

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