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December Graduate Prides Himself on Providing Personalized Fitness Programs

Brevin Jandreau

This December, approximately 260 CEHD students graduated and immediately began positively impacting our global society through their careers. One of those students, Brevin Jandreau, an exercise science graduate, will work as a personal trainer at Fitness 19 in Grand Rapids, MI while developing his online personal training business through Instagram. Overall, 98% of exercise science majors find work within three months of graduation.

Jandreau transferred to WMU from Michigan State University during his sophomore year and is extremely glad he made the switch. He feels his classes have prepared him to provide individualized coaching to people based on their goals, body type, biomechanics, and personal preferences. He enjoys working with a wide variety of people and prides himself on being able to tailor programs to anyone, whether they are a former competitor with strength goals or someone who is just looking to be healthy with a weight loss goal.

The most important thing he learned through his exercise science degree is how to be a critical thinker. “There’s so much misinformation out there,” shares Jandreau. “I’ve learned how to decipher what is good and what is bad and how to portray that to someone else.” He meets many people operating on what they think is good health information that may actually be harming them. His advice: vet your sources and do your research. He sees keeping up with trends in the field as a large part of his job so he can understand what information people are getting and help provide correct guidance about what is best for them.

Jandreau had originally applied to work at the front desk at Fitness 19 and ended up doing his exercise science internship there as well. Every exercise science major completes a 450-hour internship in their desired field, which counts as credit toward graduation and also gives them hands-on experience in their future career.

He is currently working with about eight personal training clients in person, and a few more online, in addition to working at the front desk. Upon graduation, he will transfer full-time into the personal training role and start working with more clients. He feels fortunate to have found a gym that is a good fit for him. He loves the people he works with and spends time training there himself.

He hopes to someday transfer to coaching people online, because he feels he could help more people that way. As he builds his online client base, he hopes to use social media to educate people and help them become better. Jandreau can be followed on Instagram @brevinjandreau.

The exercise science program has nine elective track options that allow students to further specialize in their desired career path within the field: pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, pre-athletic training, pre-medicine, pre-physician’s assistant, personal fitness, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, and chiropractic. By choosing an elective track, students get the coursework needed to suit their unique goals. Visit the exercise science program webpage to learn more about what this health and wellness degree has to offer!