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Anastasia E. Schauer Memorial Scholarship


Anastasia E. Schauer Memorial ScholarshipAnastasia Schauer had a life-long passion for nurturing those around her. Raised in Kalamazoo, she attended WMU Bronson School of Nursing on the Heyl Scholarship. She was a diligent student committed to her aspiration of becoming an excellent nurse. After graduating with her BSN in 2009, she moved to Denver, Colorado, to pursue her new career and experience the allure of the mountains. Her intellect, kindness and skill reflected the potential for a long and noble career, which was tragically cut short in 2012 when at the age of 24 she was killed in a car crash.

As a nurse, she worked tirelessly to bring comfort to the vulnerable, forging bonds with the very young and the elderly alike. Anastasia was an outspoken advocate for patients and the care she provided was respectful and compassionate. Perpetually vivacious and with a keen sense of humor, she made fast and lasting friendships with classmates and colleagues. No one she met remained a stranger for long. Time spent with Anastasia was filled with joyful laughter. She lived boldly and without regret, pulling her friends and family into her world of celebration, surprise, and adventure. Anastasia's true gift was to see the beauty in everyone she met; she was known for coaxing this beauty to blossom.  

The Anastasia E. Schauer Memorial Scholarship will support scholarship for students enrolled in the Bronson School of Nursing BSN program. Anastasia's family hopes that the recipients of this scholarship will remember her name and be guided by the overarching themes of Anastasia’s life: live with intention; laugh often; extend a helping hand to those in need; recognize the virtue in everyone you meet.