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A Secret to Success

A Secret to Success
Bud Brian (BA '66, English) loves to work with people and grow businesses. That's why he decided to re-enter the business world after more than five years of retirement.

Brian sold his Highland Park, Michigan-based marketing and distribution services company, Budco in 2006. In 2012, Brian decided it was time to re-enter the market and "re" purchased a portion of his former company, Budco Financial Services LLC.

In 1981, Brian founded Budco as an outsource print and mail marketer for what was then the big three in Detroit. Through the years he grew the business by adding finance, accounting, and logistics services. In 2011, the firm was acquired, minus the financial services division.

Budco Financial Services works with a select group of Ford Motor Co. dealers to sell extended warranties to car buyers. Brian hopes to expand the business to other dealers and potentially other automakers.

His secret to success is simple—taking care of and growing employees while cultivating a collective spirit to succeed.