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Meet Your Alumni Association Board: Psyche Terry

Psyche Terry (B.A.’03, Marketing)

Campus Involvement: I worked on campus at the writing center.

Hometown: Benton Harbor, MI      

Current Location: Frisco, TX

Job Title and Company/Organization: I’m an entrepreneur. I started a company called Urban Hydration.

Favorite campus memory: I remember lots of pizza and ice cream whenever I wanted wherever I wanted! I also remember my first Bronco Days for sure!

I had no idea what university I was going to go to. I knew I’d go to college, but I wasn’t sure which one. I wanted to be close to home but not too close to home and a recruiter came to the school and was so excited and passionate about the experience that I made my choice from that. I didn’t even plan to try to get into another school-- WMU was where my plan had been, and I was set out to achieve it.

I remember wanting to be a business student and being so nervous I couldn’t remember how to spell the word business for my application. I remember sweating profusely in the first meeting to take an entrance exam. I also remember the feeling I got when I was accepted into the school. I was overjoyed. It was probably the first time I had ever personally really wanted something and went after it as a teenager. When I began to learn that there were other famous and successful graduates from the university, I knew my decision was the right one. I was excited to call Western my home. 

I remember going to class thinking I wanted to learn everything I could about being a party planner. I loved parties and my most incredible memories were captured at parties on campus. So, I’d go to class wanting to learn how to be successful professionally as a party planner. I just wanted to help people feel as happy as I did when I was at a party.  I guess that’s why I enjoy what I do now with Urban Hydration.

(Urban Hydration) We make skincare products for over 13,000 retail stores that make people happy every time they buy our products. I guess it’s a party within every bottle I design. I want my products to be experiential and fun right to the last drop. WMU helped me so much more than I realized at the time. I learned relationship building and the art of hustle and work ethic. I use each of these learnings every day as I continue to build my brand.