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Bronco Legacy Unwrapped: Maurice S. Henderson’s Giving Story

Maurice Student Center

When you’re a proud Bronco like Maurice S. Henderson (B.B.A.’91, Business Management), the best gifts are wrapped in brown and gold.

Maurice decided to make a planned gift to WMU and reveal his contribution on Nov. 28, 2023, this year’s GivingTuesday. GivingTuesday is a global movement that strives to encourage people to spread generosity through philanthropy. It takes place annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

The holiday season has always meant more to me as an opportunity to give rather than receive,” Maurice said. “Giving back to WMU comes naturally to me because I always tell people that I love my alma mater! I wanted the gift to be recorded on GivingTuesday because of the symbolism of the day.”

The 1991 alumnus and executive director of a nonprofit organization, Business Professionals of America, encourages fellow Broncos to also give to WMU during what’s widely considered the season of giving… or any time of year. “Giving to WMU is an easy way to pay it forward because it helps ensure today’s students have an opportunity to have a phenomenal Bronco experience like we had,” he said.

“There were many people in our lives who helped us get through college when we were undergrad and graduate students. This is our chance to assist those who need assistance,” he continued. “Whether the donation is for a scholarship fund, building fund or general fund, every donation helps.”

The difference a scholarship can make in a student’s life is something Maurice acutely understands. “I attended Western as a recipient of the Higher Education Incentive Scholarship. This afforded me the opportunity to have all my college expenses paid for in full and leave college debt free,” he said. “I was a beneficiary of generous gifts from alumni who came before me. As a result, I was able to enjoy my college time and focus on my studies without worrying about significant financial burdens.”Maurice at Heritage Hall

Outside of his studies, Maurice stayed engaged on campus in activities with the Black Business Students Association, the COB Management Club, Residence Hall Association and more. He has many fond memories of interacting with college friends at social events.

“I also attended a trip to Washington D.C. for the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference,” he added. “Meeting prestigious legislators and representing our University was a rewarding experience.”

Maurice graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a minor in communications. He feels the education he received at WMU prepared him well for his career and next chapters in life.

“Being in charge of running the operations of an organization and dealing with people from all facets of life blends the use of both curriculum disciplines together,” he said. “From the capstone project I completed through the Haworth College of Business to the business communication and group communication courses I had, I left WMU fully equipped to succeed.”

Since his days at Western, Maurice has worked in many professional organizations and served on many boards. He’s particularly gratified by becoming the first African American President of two national organizations.

After going up the ranks at the state and national levels, I was elected to serve as President of the National Association of Parliamentarians from 2011-2013,” he said. NAP is an organization that promotes efficient and democratic decision-making processes in meetings through the effective use of parliamentary procedure.

From 2014-15, Maurice also served as President of the National Business Education Association (NBEA), the nation's leading professional organization for individuals engaged in instruction, administration, research, and dissemination of information for and about business.

“I continually have experiences whereby my superior education from WMU is affirmed based upon interactions with other individuals,” he said. Through his planned gift and Bronco pride, Maurice hopes to provide future students at WMU with the same opportunities.

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