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Jessie Foster: Powered by Innovation

For Jessie, WMU was a fit for his academic and professional goals. Looking at the great placement rate for graduates in engineering and the University’s focus on diversity and inclusion, he knew he was making a smart choice that would open doors to many experiences.Jessie.jpg

A senior, he is finishing his last year at WMU strong, and has been aided in his academic and professional goals by scholarship support. 

Because of that support, he plans to attend the national conference for Industrial Systems Engineers this year, which focuses on Lean Six Sigma, quality, supply chain and many other topics. He will gain knowledge from key experts in the field. And, this opportunity would not have been available to him without scholarship support. “It will be the first time I am able to attend, and without scholarship money, I would not have considered it,” says Jessie.

Scholarship support has also enabled him to purchase, not rent, the required materials for his classes and reduce reliance on loans. “Owning my course materials allows me to reference these resources later, whether it be in a future class, or working in the field. In addition, scholarship support helped me to avoid private loans with high interest rates.”

With two parents who are self-employed and feeling the economic effects of the pandemic, Jessie has been motivated to apply for scholarships as a way to fund his education. And he has found that lessening financial stress has let him stay focused on academics.

Upon graduation, Jessie hopes to build a career helping businesses reduce waste, increase productivity, and use data to drive decisions. He is confident that his WMU degree has prepared him well. But that’s not all. After working in the field for some time, he would love to get his Ph.D. “I would like to come back to teach at WMU,” he says. “That is a way I feel I can give back all that the University has given to me.”

Annual gifts enable the college to provide more career-building opportunities and scholarship support for students. Jessie knows his network includes alumni and friends like you who power opportunities with your generosity. “The assistance I received helped so much, and it is greatly appreciated,” Jessie notes.