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Today... For a Knowledgeable Tomorrow

There are a number of ways Western Michigan University enhances the educational experience at WMU; the Center for Academic Success Programs is a collection of valuable resources that help students across campus achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential.


Enhancing teaching and promoting student learning through collaborative,
effective research-based programs, these are just a few of the resources offered through CASP.

The Office of Admissions admits students to the Alpha Program who are able to thrive with the opportunity and support that the program provides. Upon enrolling at Western, first-year Alpha students become part of a community of fellow Alpha students, upper-class Alpha student mentors and supportive faculty and staff. Learn more at

Career counseling equips students with the capabilities to make confident choices about their goals and career in order to be more successful going forward into the world. Learn more about Learn more at

The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs provides guidance and mentorship for veterans, those still serving, and their family members. This office offers assistance in academic and benefit support, and answers questions regarding WMU, the VA and southwest Michigan. As veterans transition back to civilian life in a University setting, Military and Veterans Affairs provides:

  • Academic support
  • Career services
  • Counseling and disability services
  • GI benefits and in-state tuition
  • Student Veterans of America (SVA)
  • Transition assistance
  • VetSuccess on Campus


Learn more at

Reclaim the W is designed to assist academically dismissed students continue in their graduation pursuits. Students are offered to apply for the program based on their cumulative GPA and overall academic efforts. The decision for readmission is based on the student’s prior academic performance and an application, which includes an essay and possible interview. Learn more at

Service learning is a mutually beneficial endeavor in which course learning objectives are met by addressing community-identified needs--putting academics into practice. Projects include service work outside the classroom and provide students with opportunities to be a part of the solution to challenges identified by our community partners.  Learn more at

TRIO Student Success Program is a learning community funded by the U.S. Department of Education that helps first-generation, income eligible and students with disabilities complete their baccalaureate degrees. Since 1984, TRIO SSP has been a vibrant part of the Western Michigan University campus community. Providing students with services like learning opportunities, scholarships, and career prep, TRIO continuously works to help students succeed. Learn more at

Learn more about others resources offered through the Center for Academic Success Programs at

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