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Scholarships are just one way that the student success can be enhanced at WMU today, and have an impact for a lifetime of brighter tomorrows. Scholarship support allows students to turn their goals into powerful realities without the burden of financial worries or debt.

Rohini Perera: For a Healthier Tomorrow

Rohini Perera

For Rohini, her future career is full of possibility. “Growing up, health was always something of interest to me,” she says. “An end goal for public health professionals is ensuring the health of a community, but there are a variety of ways to get there. The fact that the field is so broad and that there are many ways I can contribute encourages me to explore all the field has to offer.”

During her time at WMU, Rohini has received scholarship support, which has reduced her financial burden tremendously. “Scholarships gave me the opportunity to get involved in things such as student organizations and volunteering in Kalamazoo. The financial support has also motivated me, so that I too can start contributing to our society in positive ways.”

Studying how different factors intersect in the public health space is what Rohini finds both fascinating and challenging. “Much of what I have learned about public health involves directly or indirectly influencing behavior. We can try our best by providing resources, but the end result lies with people, as they can choose to use or not use the resources. That reality makes it much more complex and will be one of the biggest challenges I face in the workforce.”

Hands-on experiences have been a part of Rohini’s journey at WMU and are preparing her for entry into the professional sphere. She has held two campus jobs that have helped her to build her confidence, and in the fall 2020 semester, she had the opportunity to volunteer as a contact tracer at WMU’s Sindecuse Health Center, which she notes was “an eye-opening experience” that put her education into practice.

Being an international student has also built Rohini’s skill set, including her ability to adapt, problem-solve and make new connections. “Studying abroad has contributed to my self-growth,” she shares. “Being away from home has given me the ability to reflect and discover what sort of a person I am—and has also shown me what sort of person I can be.”

Scholarship gifts enable WMU to provide more career-building opportunities and scholarship support for students. Rohini knows her network includes alumni and friends like you who enhance opportunities with their generosity.

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