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WMU is Powered by YOU

WMU is Powered by YOU! Here are just a few examples of the impact giving has on students. Gifts can make a lot possible across campus, such as scholarships, hands-on experiences, creative spaces, cutting-edge technology and so much more that helps students graduate and form extraordinary lives and careers. You can make a difference -- make your gift to any college, department, program, or fund on campus. Visit WMUalumni.org/Give to learn more!

Ava Strasser, College of Arts and Sciences  

 “Scholarship support from WMU has helped me to achieve my goals in so many ways. Because of scholarships, I was able to study abroad at the School for International Training in Switzerland, in a program that allowed me to realize my academic and professional aspirations.”

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Jessie Foster, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

“I would like to come back to teach at WMU,” he says. “That is a way I feel I can give back all that the University has given to me… The assistance I received helped so much, and it is greatly appreciated.”

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Valaria Martin, College of Education and Human Development

"I like the fact that Western is small, where you're able to find your people, but at the same time, big, where you're able to connect with people you never would have," she says. "At Western, if you reach out to different organizations or different people and network and connect, you'll be able to find your purpose.

I've created such a great connection with Camp Blodgett," she says. "They recently offered me a position, and it's something that I've always wanted to do. Now that it's here, I'm like, 'Wow, I did it!'"

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Rohini Perera, College of Health and Human Services

“Studying abroad has contributed to my self-growth… Being away from home has given me the ability to reflect and discover what sort of a person I am—and has also shown me what sort of person I can be.

Scholarships gave me the opportunity to get involved in things such as student organizations and volunteering in Kalamazoo. The financial support has also motivated me, so that I too can start contributing to our society in positive ways.”

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Rozlin Opolka, College of Fine Arts  

"It impacted me positively to come to a University like WMU because of the community aspect," she says… "In the Frostic School of Art, we take different studio classes so we can be well-rounded artists, and I think I've been able to actually break out of the role of a painter and define myself as an artist”


Catherine Lemus, Lee Honors College  

 “Scholarships not only allowed me to pursue an education at WMU to begin with, they helped me to embrace experiences during my college career that I otherwise would not have. With much of the financial burden removed, I have been able to dedicate more time to things like my honors thesis and leadership opportunities, impacting not only my personal growth but also the WMU community.”

“I have never met a more driven, curious and passionate group of students than those in the Lee Honors College. The college is filled with people who want to use their talents for good and who are already affecting their campus and community in meaningful ways. Choosing to donate to the Lee Honors College will result in exponential impact as you help support students in reaching their goals!”

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Patrick Nicholson, Haworth College of Business

 “The Haworth College of Business provides you with all the tools you need to succeed—mentors who support and inspire you along your academic career, classes that provide you with a true understanding of what life after college is like, and faculty who care deeply about your success professionally and personally. The college has always empowered me as a student; I have never felt like just a number.”

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Lauren Cuddeback, Paper Technology Foundation

“When you are a student in the paper program, you become a member of the ‘paper family.’ I have received immense support from fellow students, faculty, and the Paper Technology Foundation. Our program provides opportunities for students to develop both technical and professional skills. From hiring and networking events, to conferences, to industry experiences, students enter the workforce prepared. Personally, I am grateful that I have been a part of a unique program that has helped me make lasting friendships, establish connections with industry professionals, and become a confident engineer!” 

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Hunter Hayes, College of Aviation  

“At WMU, I have learned that in aviation, and in life, teamwork paves the path to success; you can eliminate a lot of the barriers you may find in front of you simply by creating an environment where you and your peers can succeed together.”

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Ariel Palau, Graduate College

“The opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds has been huge for me, and everyone brings something different to the table: a different skill set, a different perspective, a different background. Anezka and I would likely never have met if it weren’t for the MBA program, and we’d never have considered starting a venture together.”

Anezka Viskova-Robertson, Graduate College

“Going back to school after a few years of work experience has opened up my perspective on how valuable education is, especially a program like this, which covers a broad range of subjects. One of my biggest motivations, however, was to create a network, which totally happened! On top of meeting motivated classmates, I learned about corporate America and also how to think strategically as an entrepreneur. What I didn’t expect was to find a great friend like Ariel—somebody who came to study business from a completely different area of expertise with an advanced degree in oboe performance, who is motivated and driven to make a positive impact.”

Jenica Batt, WMUx

 “I learned much more than I ever thought I would in the program, both from attending class and the people I encountered along the way. I developed a thirst for knowledge and a drive to apply it in my daily life.”