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The Story of Heritage Hall

Western Michigan University’s location did not happen by accident; it was the community’s vision for and commitment to education that brought the school to Kalamazoo. The University’s original building—a highly visible landmark atop Prospect Hill—was erected to represent the integral ties between a proud community and its new school. From

New Arrivals in 1919

One hundred years ago at WMU, several notable figures arrived on campus. While they may not be around any longer, their names can still be found around campus. “The year 1919 brought Smith Burnham to the Department of History, Floyd Moore to economics, Herbert (Buck) Read to physical education, Fred

June 1965 at WMU

Campus may have been a bit quieter during the month of June because most students had left for the summer, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything happening on campus. The Western Herald was on hiatus for the summer, but various articles from the Kalamazoo Gazette provide a glimpse into
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